A turnkey project (also known as a “turnkey” or “turnkey” project) is a type of contract in which TRABICON is responsible for designing, building, installing and commissioning a complete project for our clients. We take care of all phases of the project, from the initial design to the completion and delivery of the complete project, in operation and ready for use by our client.


Analysis of your requirements

The first step is to understand the specific customer and application requirements to determine the characteristics that rubber parts and linings should have. This may include identification of the required mechanical and chemical properties, the required size and shape, the number of parts required, and the installation location.

Design and development of prototypes

Based on the identified requirements, preliminary designs are developed and prototypes are created to validate the specifications.

Lab tests

In this phase, tools such as 3D modeling software and simulation tests can be used to test the performance and durability of parts and coatings.

Manufacturing and production

Once the design has been confirmed and the prototypes have been developed, we proceed to the manufacture and production, in series and/or on demand, of the parts and rubber coatings. This can include processes such as cutting, molding, vulcanizing, and machining, depending on the manufacturing technique used.


During manufacturing and production, rigorous quality control is carried out to ensure that parts and coatings meet specifications and application requirements. Tools such as strength testing, material analysis, and performance testing can be used to ensure product quality.

Installation and commissioning.

Finally, the rubber parts and linings are installed at the designated location and the operation is launched. This may include cleaning and preparing the substrate, applying the adhesive, and installing the parts and liners. Additional performance tests may be carried out to verify the function and durability of parts and coatings.

Last Executed Projects

Soc. Minera Cerro Verde S.A.A.


  • Display Drawers
  • Platework

Minera Chinalco Perú S.A.


  • Manufacture of Mobile Chutes
  • Enabled Liners – Rubber Coatings

COSMILL (Bolivia)

Projects in progress

CURIMINING Curipampa - El Domo (Ecuador)


  • RUBBER LINER – Coatings
  • Crushed ore bins

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