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Manufacturing on Demand

Coating of Metal Parts

Plasma CNC cutting

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Manufacturing on Demand


Our Manufacturing on Demand produces rubber parts and components in a personalized and specific way for the needs of our clients.

We provide an ideal solution to our customers who need rubber parts and components that are not available on the market or who need a high degree of customization to meet their specific product or application requirements.

We offer flexibility in terms of lead times and production requirements, allowing our customers to respond quickly to their needs and changes in demand.

Coating of Metal Parts

The coating of metal parts is a technique used in the rubber industry to protect and prolong the useful life of different components and equipment that are exposed to adverse working conditions. This process involves applying a layer of rubber or elastomer to the surface of the metal part, creating a protective layer that resists abrasion, corrosion, friction, and other factors that can affect the integrity of the metal.

Plasma CNC cutting

Our CNC plasma cutting service is an automated process for cutting metals and other materials that uses a high-energy plasma jet to cut and shape parts. CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) refers to the ability to control the cutting process using a specific software program running on a computer.

We cut rubber parts, such as mill linings, liners, seals, gaskets, among others. The CNC plasma cutting process enables complex shapes and designs to be precisely cut with clean, smooth edges.


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