Trabicon SAC Rubber and Metalworking Industry

Products and Services for the Mining, Construction, Textile, Footwear and Various Manufacturing Industries.

About Trabicon SAC

We are TRABICON SAC, a company dedicated to the manufacture of products based on rubber and related compounds, with 20 years of experience in the industrial sector, especially in the mining sector.
However, we serve other industrial sectors such as Construction, Textile, Footwear and various manufacturing.

We offer the Manufacture of Metallic Parts as related and complementary products of the functional benefits of rubber and similar compounds.

We provide manufacturing as a service, which implies taking on Turnkey Projects, participating in the entire process, from the Analysis of your requirements, to Installation and start-up.
We have the facilities and professionals trained in the latest cutting-edge technologies, in order to provide and satisfy customers with the best solutions to their requirements.
We are exporting our products and services to countries in the region.




Provide Products and Services related to Rubber, polyurethanes and similar compounds according to the technical specifications of our clients, with high quality in the benefits of our products and excellence in care and related services.



Lead the National and Regional market, as Providers of Rubber-related Products and Services, based on Innovation and Development, state-of-the-art technology, highly qualified personnel and our commitment to our customers.



  • Integrity and responsibility in all our activities.
  • Support, interest and personal development for our collaborators.
  • Commitment and effort for the satisfaction of our customers.
  • Continuous Research and Development to offer innovative solutions.

Years of experience

Successful projects

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Recognition of our work

Recognition of our work
Recognition of our work from prestigious Institutions:
PROMPERÚ – SNI National Society of Industries – INOVATE Program

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Calle Belisario Suarez 434 Zona A - San Juan de Miraflores


(+51) 993-207-655

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